We were back this morning and tried to hit another lake without any success. Waves were crashing big on the ramp and I knew we had only one option. We needed some shelter from the wind and had to settle for a body of water that held it for us. The overnight air hadn’t dropped the morning temps below the freezing mark and we were actually expecting them in the 40’s today. Wow, it was going to feel like Florida! It wasn’t a quick start but we eventually got into them as Craig started once again. This time however, Herm wasn’t far behind and picked up several of his own as we slowly moved around. We actually hit an area where Herm got into them pretty good and Craig just picked at them. What a difference a day makes! Most of these fish were big ones of four pounds or better but as with yesterday, fives were scarce. In fact the largest of this day was to be a 4.94 caught later in the afternoon. Along with the numbers of fatty smallies, we also managed to get a few bonus walleye today. Up until recently, the water temps hadn’t been cool enough to bring in these fish to where they were easy pickings. With the temps dipping below the 50 degree mark it will only continue to load up even more in the next couple of weeks. Mixed in with the walleye were a few more 4 pound plus bass and Herm looked like he had the lead today. Every time we looked back, his rod was bent and he was locked up again! He was on fire today and fishing slow enough to have the fish find his offering. Although Craig did manage to catch his share of fish, I think Herm came out on top. He had waited until the last trip of the season to put a beating on the fish and we were all glad. As with yesterday, we called it early due to the lack of light and headed back to the ramp by 3:30. As much as I love the fall for the fishing, I hate it for the short days on the water. I also don’t like the fact that the season is coming to an end for the open water fishing. It won’t be long before the only way to catch a fish will be by drilling holes in the ice. I figure that there’s three weeks or so left before I’ll have to winterize the boat and put it in hibernation. Too bad too because this is a great time to be on the water! There’s no pleasure craft and everyone you see is a fisherman. It’s definitely worth enduring a little cold for the chance at some real big fish. Fall is the time for “Big Heavies” and you never know what the next bite will be. We’re just one cast away from the trophy of a lifetime and I can’t wait to get back out for that chance again!!