I had a full boat today with two fathers and their sons looking to catch a bunch of fish. Joel was with Jake & Danny had Riley on this not so perfect weather of a day. With a light mist falling from time to time, we made our way out to the first spot and let the games begin. Air temps were barely 45 degrees and the water was in the mid 50’s. Without any signs of sunshine in the horizon, I knew it would be a chilly one! Joel got the ball rolling with a few decent fish in the 2 to 3 pound range before the others started catching and now everyone was on the board. Both kids had fished plenty before and I could tell by their casting that this was something they loved doing. Although they were more use to catching panfish and small bass, they were excited to have a chance at some really big smallies. Danny was in the back with Riley and Joel was up front with Jake & I and all was good. By covering water we were able to target these fish in their hiding locations. From deep to shallow, we moved over different sections, all the while hooking and landing plenty. They were thrilled to be catching loads of fish and thought they were pretty big until we moved to another area. It was here that I finally put a few in the livewell for later pics. Now they were starting to understand why I just kept tossing the earlier ones back as we were finally getting the larger bass on a regular basis. Everyone had their share of action and these kids were in their glory, getting beat up by all the big ones. Pictures and videos were being shot throughout the battles and I’m pretty sure they will have plenty of great memories to relive again & again! I really don’t know who caught the largest bass today and it doesn’t matter. From start to finish, fish were coming in one after another and who could ask for more. For seven year old kids, the excitement was never ending. For their dads, it was even better as they got to experience something people dream about. Taking kids fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and today’s fishing was second to none. Hopefully these two will have enough drive to continue pursuing fishing for many years to come. I know after today, they will be dreaming about the next time they hook up on these powerful giants!!