Ed & James joined me today in hopes of similar results to yesterday. We met up around 7:30 once again and hit the lake not long after. Winds were out of the NE blowing 5 to 10 and sunshine was present when we got to our first spot. The water temps hadn’t fallen much and were right around yesterdays, when we arrived. Ed was on a spinnerbait and James was tossing a jig so we could determine what the fish wanted. Although Ed did have a solid hit and a push or two, it was James that drew first blood. He locked up on either his first or second cast and it was on! I soon netted the smallie and immediately released it. Unfortunately, he expected a pic but I knew better. It was only 2.5 pounds and I told him it wasn’t photo worthy! He thought it was big as he was use to catching pounders from his lake and couldn’t believe I had thrown it back so quickly. I told him that I wanted to release it fast in order for him to get a bigger one right away. The next bass was of similar size and went back immediately as well. I think he was a little disappointed, but that all changed when he set into the next one. This one was well over 4 pounds & definitely photo worthy and now he knew what I meant! Although he did have a tough time bringing it to the net, we finally managed to get it aboard and the camera came out. I also put it into the livewell for double shots later and now had both of them throwing a jig. Obviously the bass weren’t interested in chasing baits down with all the goby minnows in the area and jigs were the ticket. They weren’t hammering the fish with the chop on the water but they were picking at them pretty good. In the next hour they managed to have several chances at quality fish and landed about 50% of them. I’m not sure if it was the new moon or the wind direction, but these fish were acting a little different than usual. We pulled the plug here and relocated to another section in hopes of a better bite. As with the first spot, James was locked up immediately after we arrived and it started all over once again. Ed was throwing a spinnerbait in hopes of an arm jolting strike and he wasn’t disappointed. The four pounder was a blackie and nearly broke his wrist on the set! What a smashing strike and we both got to witness the attack as it wasn’t 20 feet from the boat. After landing this one, all Ed wanted to throw was the blade for more rude hits! James was quite content with the jig as he too was getting into plenty of fish all over this flat. Most of the fish were in the three pound size but several were pushing 4 and even higher in the next couple of hours. As with the day before, I decided to move around a bit and hit a couple of areas that had both locking up on almost every cast for a while. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and this place turned off almost as fast as a light switch. Ed had hoped to take home a walleye or two so our next stop was to be in an area looking for gold! Dragging jigs along the weed edges had us hooking up but they were all smallies. I think there were a couple of walleye on but we never got a confirmation, as they came unpinned before the boat. James did however save the day when he landed a beautiful slot fish just over 20 inches. Ed would have to settle for just one today as we shifted into bass mode once more and headed to another area nearby. We spent the last hour or so hooking, losing and landing some others and had a blast doing so. Although they weren’t the large ones we had hoped for, 3 pounders are always welcome. By 5:00 we decided to call it a day and headed back to the ramp. They had caught loads of bass today and oh yeah, a couple more sturgeon too! With only one walleye, Ed would have to have plenty of side dishes along with the fish tonight as he was feeding a family of four. I’m sure we could have gotten into more of these golden treats given the time but everyone was more interested in catching the powerful smallies instead. Next time out we’ll have to spend more than 30 minutes in order to succeed! Overall, a great day for fishing!!