It had been a couple of years since I fished with Ranjan and his dad, but today they were back once again for more action. They had brought along Peter this time to show him what bountiful fishing was right in his own back yard and he was in for a real treat. We were scheduled to fish yesterday but due to Hurricane Irene coming through on Sunday, I thought an extra day’s wait was the right thing to do. Post frontal conditions are tough at the best of times, not to mention post hurricane! Although we still had strong winds from the SW at 10 to 20 knots, it was a far cry from the gusts over 40 that the storm had brought a couple of days before. We had overcast conditions and tough fishing early in the morning and I had to move around plenty just to get the few bites we received. With the water taking a beating, the temps had dropped almost 4 degrees and were at best 68.5 and some areas held barely over 66. I knew I had my work cut out for me! By trolling I was at least able to find warmer water and cleaner sections of the lake and once I did, the reels started to fire. We were now into fish and I was glad! Most of them were pike but at times like these, I’ll take them gladly. Ranjan wanted to take a few fish home and pike were officially on the menu! We even managed to get into a few smallies and a nice walleye in the same areas and things were looking up. So much so that the clouds gave way to sunshine and the activity began to grow as we continued to catch even more fish. They had wanted to fish for only a half day so I relocated to another area in hopes of putting a few walleye in the boat to go along with the pike they were having. This proved to be the right move as the next place provided us with a couple more decent fish in the slot. Along with these, Peter even managed to land his personal best smallie and all was good. He and Ranjan fish plenty but only from shore and never really get to see quality fish like these and were quite content to be in open water. Despite the tough start to the day, things did improve and we managed to turn a slow day into one filled with plenty of excitement, just by covering water. All in all, a successful end to a post hurricane day!!