Part 1: I managed to have a full boat today when Kris & his faithful companion Sam joined James & Brian for a day of fishing. Although he was only dropping them off at the ramp, he decided to hop in for the trip. His dog was an added bonus and I was happy to have her along! She took to the boat like she had been there all her life and loved the ride to our first fishing spot. Both Brian & James were more accustomed to fly fishing for trout and although they had caught bass before, they weren’t of any size. They were all in for a real treat! The weather was a beautiful one with a light chop on the water and air temps already in the 70’s. Water temps were still holding somewhere around 74 degrees and I knew the fish would be active. Most of us were working senko’s but one guy was throwing a spinnerbait just to search out the aggressive biters. Unfortunately, the ones that did hit him weren’t reacted upon quick enough and just came off. A lack of hookset caused them to just spit the lure out before they were really on leaving him with nada. The senko bite however was a different animal with James locking up on his very first cast. Although it was only 2.5 pounds, it was still an incredible fight and he was impressed by the power of these smallies. After that, everyone wanted a piece of the action and I switched to the soft plastics for all. Plenty of pickups were had but the hookups were a different story. They were having a hard time with the waiting period before setting the hook and missed a bunch of fish along the way. There were several smallies hooked but less than 50% came to the net. Hopefully they had gotten the bugs out of this technique enough to improve at the next spot. I relocated and let the games begin! It was on this flat that everyone graduated from bass fishing 101 and a great improvement was seen. They were all holding their own now and plenty of bass of all sizes were getting landed. We also managed to pick up a few prehistoric creatures on tube jigs as the sturgeon were eating as well. Everyone had a turn at the wheel so to speak as we did a full rotation on these creatures. I think Brian’s was the heaviest at close to 25 pounds, but all the others were 15 or better. Fishing for the smallies was our priority, but you can’t help throwing to these giants as well!