Part 2: Brian & James were jumping boats this afternoon and heading out for lunge, so I headed back closer to the ramp and switched gears. They had all caught plenty of bass into the early afternoon hours and now were ready for a change. I decided to set the lines and try for some walleye for them to dine on that night. The conditions looked perfect with a good chop from the SW and I knew we would score. The first couple of reels to go ended up with smallies before a walter finally committed suicide. It was a perfect size at just around 18 inches and would make for a great meal, but we needed a couple more. We covered the area searching for others but the lures went untouched. I would be getting a call soon to have these guys switch boats and was under the gun with time. Eventually one of these reels went off but it was a scary howl and I knew it wasn’t a walleye. I pulled the rod from the holder and applied pressure to the line when this thing went straight into the air. It was a lunge and the jump was spectacular. Too bad the lure pulled free from the fish and stuck it in the side causing the battle to be all but over. Brian reeled this fish in completely lassoed and on the surface. I think it only came alive when it neared the boat and went wild. It was going to be a challenge to get this thing into the boat and I was forced to use a bass net instead of the boga. Although it wasn’t a big fish, it was still his first Muskie and one well worth a few pics. During the release, the phone rang and I knew it was that time. We transferred a couple of guys and I decided to stay out with Kris and Sam for a little longer and try for more walleye. I set the lines ad started trolling close by when another reel started to scream. I thought we might have a second lunge but was a little disappointed to see that it was only a northern of around 8 pounds. By now the weather had taken a turn for the worse and there were storm systems lurking north of us that I was monitoring closely. As long as the wind didn’t switch, we were alright! We kept trolling and managed to land a couple more smallies when I saw the land north of us disappearing. The skies had gone black and the system was coming right towards us and quickly. In came the rods and we bolted to the shore! The winds were still from the SW but we ran face on into giant white caps from the north, rolling 4 footers. It looked like a tornado and we were right in its path! I had about three minutes to get there and get the boat on the trailer before it hit. The waves seemed like they were from all directions and big! Ironically, we never really got all the rain but we did get hit with the wind as I loaded the boat and pulled out. As fast as it came in, it was done and pushing out over the water to the other side of the lake. Within minutes, we were back in the sunshine and light winds once again. It was definitely a strange experience and I was happy to be out of its path and on land. Kris & Sam weren’t too disappointed either as it had been a long day. Sam had chilled out several times during the day but never really slept with all the excitement going on. She was too excited every time someone hooked up and really reminded me of the dog I once had. I know they would both be tired tonight but Sam would be the one really recharging her batteries and a zombie for the next 12 hours. What an incredible day!!