Eric & Stephanie accompanied me today on the water and it was a turkey shoot! We started the day in light winds trolling for walleye and they were on fire. From 8:30 till shortly after 10:00 we had constant action as one after the other came aboard. I think that there were over 15 good fish landed and several others lost in the process. With the sun now getting high and the winds practically gone, we relocated to another area and a different species. Bass were now the target and tubes were the weapons of choice. Eric was looking forward to getting into some smallmouth action and it didn’t take long. We were in an area that had been consistently producing some large fish, but today they were all small to medium. Stephanie was even getting into the game despite her fear of fish and contributing to the numbers of fish being landed. Compared to the start of the day, she had made tremendous strides and was now actually fishing herself! We relocated a few times and caught everywhere we went but not the size I was expecting. By 3:00 we called it a day and headed back to take out. I was going to have to clean several fish for them and needed some time to get it done. Despite the slow bass fishing, the walleye bite was a huge accomplishment and that’s why they were here. They wanted to eat some walleye and were able to take a few home for the table. Although a shorter day than usual, a productive one!!