After three near perfect weather days it was inevitable! The fourth one was almost a nightmare with heavy rains overnight and 20 to 30 knot winds from the south today. Due to the direction, I opted for a different boat launch and although it was less windy, it was still pretty bad. We decided to give it a try anyway and headed out after 8:30 to the main lake. I knew it was going to be rough out there but I didn’t think it would be ocean like. There were 4 & 5 footers on the lake and we headed only as far as a sheltered island would allow us. With the lines in the water we prayed the fish would be somewhat active. With all the mountains around us the wind still managed to hit us from different directions making boat control a little difficult. Add the cooler water temps, down to 54 degrees from the 58 yesterday & heavy floating debris and it was just perfect! Needless to say the fly rods didn’t stay out long before we went to the downriggers and a more controlled troll. A couple of the lines popped over 20 to 40 feet of water but there was no one there! I think either the light releases or surges from the wind made them go off or maybe it was more of those smallies coming in from the deep again. Either way, it was a difficult task nonetheless! We fished as long as we could but by noon, we were ready to call it a day and make the long drive back home. We did manage to get a few perch casting to the deeper points with the jigs but could barely feel the bites. Back at the ramp I could see that the winds had intensified and there were 2 & 3 footers rolling in making the take out a little tricky. I’m glad we ended the day when we did because the winds actually got stronger as the day went on! Tough day to be on the water but the 3 days preceding were just spectacular. Too bad the salmon didn’t think so but they were probably already full from all that damn bait in the lake!!