I was back on the lake with Sheila this morning and once again in search of the elusive niche. After last nights many electrical storms, I was wondering what kind of impact it might have on the fish. The smaller creeks were now flowing like raging rivers, feeding into the lake a lovely shade of coffee. With two creams of course! Water temps were down almost 6 degrees when we dropped the flies in and began trolling. Along with the dirty water was the presence of much debris! It was difficult to be able to troll without fouling the lines from weeds, sticks and tree buds. We were however blessed with the conditions of the sky as both of us thought we would be fishing in rain all day. To our surprise, overcast and occasional sun, without the rain was what we were to see. Light north winds were also present and it looked like we had the lake to ourselves. I moved around plenty, dodging dirty water and floating crap, just trying to find fishable water. It seemed like wherever we went, we eventually hit one or the other. With the water temps mostly 54 to 55 degrees I thought we would get into them good but was only hooking up with the occasional small bass or perch. I was marking loads of baitfish and plenty of suspended fish in the upper 15 feet of water over 60 to 75 feet when the deep line went wild. It screamed off about 30 feet of line and then nothing. I knew that this time it had to be a salmon and by the amount of line it took out, it had to be a good one. When I reeled it in to check the fly I was shocked to see the how mangled it was. Besides wrapping all the material around the shank, the tandem wire was damaged beyond repair. I just couldn’t figure how the fish never got hooked! I replaced the fly and was back in the game when the high line ripped out another pile of line, just screaming again. As with the previous strike, it too was also gone and another mangled fly once more. I don’t know if it was the same fish or not but based on the number of arches I was seeing, I didn’t think so. We reset the line and made several more passes over the deep water without another touch. Eventually, I pulled the lines and relocated further up the lake in hopes of similar action. After another hour or so without anything to show for our efforts, I went back to where we had those two previous hits. I was surprised to see that there wasn’t any bait, or any hooks left in the area. It was like a ghost town, just barren wasteland! We tried nevertheless, but nada! I realized that I had missed possibly the only two good fish of the day, but wasn’t discouraged just yet. I headed down the lake hoping for a little warmer water and maybe more active fish. We managed to find 58 degrees in a couple of areas that had produced for me before but only came up with perch & bass once again. Although I did see a few good boils on the surface from either trout or salmon, we just couldn’t seem to get one to take. The entire afternoon was just like this morning and shortly after 4:30; we decided to call it a day. It may not have been the banner day that I had hoped for but at least we dodged the rain and caught a few fish. This will most likely be the last trip of the year for this lake, as I plan on heading back home in the morning. Local waters and close to home fishing sounds pretty good after a day like this!!