Norm & I hit the water today for our final boat voyage of the year. Just like last season, December 3rd and still on the water catching smallies! We launched around 9 o’clock in overcast skies and air temps around 31 degrees. A light snow fall was present as we raced to our first stop of the day. Water temps were right around 42 degrees and thankfully the wind was barely present. I figured that if we could manage 15 bites today we would have had a good day but never anticipated what was about to come. Slow was how we would have to fish and there was no room for day dreaming as the bites were incredibly subtle. Just detecting something at the other end was difficult and as with the last outing, you definitely had to have patience. Strike too soon and they’re gone! We managed to get into a bunch of decent bass in the first hour or so but missed plenty more as they seemed to be dropping the baits more than retaining them. Location change and fresh fish to harass, so we moved again! By covering some water we managed several more good fish and then decided to try something different. Time for walleye and oh boy, were they there! Norm’s first fish was a big one and they just kept coming after that. Plenty of big fish were caught in the next few hours before we decided to hit the bass once again. It wasn’t fast & furious but we did pick at them pretty good on this cold, damp day. That is until the blizzard hit and we were in a total whiteout! This freak snow squall lasted almost a half hour and blanketed the entire boat with Styrofoam beads of snow. I told Norm to be careful as the deck was about to become real dangerous for the rest of the day. Fortunately, the fishing picked up and we were back to catching plenty more fish afterwards. I’m not really sure what the final count was but it definitely surpassed our expectations in spades. Seeing as we were able to stretch our time on the water this year into December, who could ask for anything more! By 3:30, we called it a day and headed back to the boat ramp on this final day of our open water fishing season. Despite the bitter cold chill in the air today and lack of sunshine, I think we finished with a bang. Only 4 more months until the boat is back on the water and it starts all over for another season. I can’t wait!!