This was a long weekend and W, Shawn & Nick would be fishing with me on Thanksgiving Monday. We hit a local body of water and I hoped the fishing would be better than the last two days out! Although it was chilly and in the low 40’s, the sunshine and lack of wind felt pretty comfortable to me this morning! Water temps were still at around 57 degrees and it seemed like it had receded and cleared some when they made their first casts. It didn’t take long for a confirmation as Shawn was tight to a fish almost immediately. Although it wasn’t the largest one around, they were here! Several more bass in the 2 to 3 pound range came aboard on mostly tubes but a few fell victim to a slow moving crankbait as well. They had fish on throughout the day with some areas holding bigger and more than the others but at least there was action. We even had a couple of boats move in on us and anchor while fish were being caught signifying their lack of catching elsewhere. People just don’t care where they fish and today was no different. In the end, we had to move due to impossible drifting from these guys and found more fish everywhere else. It’s the fall and when you find one, you usually find a bunch. Weekends like these make me want to fish only during the week but I guess that’s true for everyone! They caught fish all day and somewhere around 4 o’clock we decided to call it a day. Although there weren’t any real big ones caught today, they all had managed to get their share of bass and everyone was happy. Hopefully in the next few days, the water will continue to clean up and the fish will be able to see our baits once more. Cranking these areas is usually a better choice for covering water and it surely brings up the numbers of fish landed by the time the day is done. No more rain please!!