John & Ian were in Montreal for a business meeting and able to get away for a half day of fishing today. We hooked up shortly after 1:00 P.M. and went to a different waterway in search of the elusive smallie due to incredibly strong winds on the usual local lake. Obviously it was the right choice as we were fishing in a little over a one foot chop instead of the 4 footers we would have had. Although the winds were blowing 15 to 25 knots from the west, it was doable and caused me only a little trouble with boat positioning. John had several fish landed from spinner-baits before Ian finally contacted a few of his own on the jerk-bait when we hit the first location and I knew we were going to get them good! The weather wasn’t too bad with sun & cloud mix and temps in the 70’s for the most part. Water temps were about 67 degrees where we were but the fish were active. The next spot produced multiple hook ups from both when I changed up the baits. I had hit the nail on the head and now they were getting into them on almost every cast. It was impossible to keep track of just how many the were landing cause I think they were losing more than they caught! It didn’t matter though as there were plenty more to be taken pretty much everywhere we fished. They were just on fire and both Ian & John were having a blast! As long as the fish were biting I was going to hang in and let them enjoy themselves. What I didn’t realize was that the fish weren’t stopping and before I knew it, the sun had set. It had been a while since I had lasted until dark and found it strange to have to run back with the lights on. In fact on one of Ian’s last casts, he landed his best of the day at just over 4 pounds. It was all worthwhile and I was happy to hang in until we almost couldn’t see anymore! What an afternoon it turned out to be and to think their other co workers all went golfing! Wow, what a mistake! All I know is that today’s fishing had to be better than following a little white ball all around in a golf cart. Fishing rocks!!