David & Jeff were joining me for the weekend and arrived at the lake, only to be greeted with heavy clouds and rain. Last look at the weather the night before had sunshine and clouds but go figure! We launched during one of the open pockets and managed to get out before the rain started again. Winds were blowing at 10 to 20 knots out of the NW and created quite a chop on the water as we headed across the lake. Salmon were what we were after and after Thursday’s outcome, I was more determined than ever to succeed. Water temps were still rather cold at 45 degrees as we began our troll. I went through all the usual areas that had produced earlier in the week and came up empty once again. Although I was marking bait and the occasional fish, nothing was feeding on our flies. It wasn’t until I went over deeper water of 80 feet that the reel made that lovely sound and Jeff was tight to our first fish. I knew by the power that it was a good one and was happy to see a plump 17 inch salmon soon in the net. Strangely enough, it never jumped in this cold water and this was rare. They pretty much always take to the air at least a couple of times but this one stayed down right until the boat. The skunk was officially out of the boat! I thought we were onto something and stayed over the deep water hoping for another taker and then we did. Too bad it was a drive bye though and a mangled fly was our reward. Shortly after, another & then David was locked up on a real screamer over 100 feet of water. By the amount of line it took out I thought he had another good one but was surprised to see that it fell just under the 16 inch limit. Back to the lake it went and we continued in our quest for more. It was a while before our next one and this was the strangest one yet. While stripping in the line to check he fly, something hammered it and immediately got off. Another drive bye and I wasn’t too thrilled with this one either. A couple more rips with nothing to show and we decided to pack it in and try our luck elsewhere. It wasn’t too pleasant on the water today with rain falling for the most part and an occasional break once in a while. We tried casting, and down riggers a little later without any success other than several large perch and around 5:30 decided to call it a day. The sun was finally coming out and it was time to go! Overall, it wasn’t a great day but at least we managed to get into some action and David would be taking home Jeff’s salmon for dinner. A weather change is really needed and hopefully this is the last of the cold for a while. High today was around 45 degrees. Better weather tomorrow, I hope!!