Darrin hooked up with me today along with his brother Mark and their friend Dave, hoping for some of those monster smallmouth. We launched shortly after 8:00 and began looking for some bigguns! With a tremendous rain forecasted for today I really didn’t know what to expect, but we set out anyway. The winds were out of the N/E at around 10 knots causing a next to impossible drift in the current. Overcast skies also made it difficult to locate some of the areas I wanted to and if it weren’t for the aid of GPS, I wouldn’t have been able to fish them at all. Our water temps had also fallen with the overnight monsoon we had received and were now around 58 to 59 degrees. Fortunately, the air temps were slightly higher at 58 and expected to climb into the low 60’s sometime this afternoon. We spent several hours in the morning fishing some of the best areas and all we had for our efforts were a few sightings of these giants. Although they were in the 5 to 6 plus range, there weren’t many and they weren’t active. Darrin managed to get one smaller bass around 3.5 pounds and we missed several hits before I decided to throw in the towel for this lake and jump ship again. Off we went to another place that at least held some active fish and Darrin hooked up on a nice one within a couple of casts. Now the games were officially on! Everywhere we stopped, someone caught bass and most areas put out fish for everyone. Dave managed to take the big fish of the day at just under 5 pounds but Darrin had several in the low to mid fours and that’s all that mattered after a rather slow morning bite. We fished in the shallows as well as in deeper water and caught fish in all depths. After an unsuccessful Simcoe trip for Mark & Dave recently, it was surely nice for them to land some quality bass. By the time it was all said & done late in the afternoon, they all had plenty of hookups and caught numerous smallies. The fish were biting light today and there were also plenty of them that came unpinned before we could get a sighting. The last couple of days out have been like this and I hope that it changes real soon as the 50/50 ratio really sucks! Another tough morning turned into a great afternoon as a slight adjustment changed the outcome from dismal to enlightening. All in all, it was a great end to the high & dry day. Oh yeah, the weatherman was wrong again with the forecast of heavy rains and sunshine was upon us pretty much all afternoon. Go figure!!