Once again, Norm & I headed out in pursuit of that elusive 6 pound smallie just hoping to lock him up earlier than last years search for the five. What we didn’t realize was what was awaiting us at the ramp! Due to the sunny day forecasted and the miserable weekend weather predicted, I think everyone took the day off from work. The word is out on the giant smallies! The best thing to come out of our morning was finding out that my scale has a discrepancy. Apparently it weighs light and when I put a 15 pound anchor to the test, it only weighed 13.83 pounds. A five pound weight also only went 4.46 pounds. Looks like some of Norm’s fish this season were actually over 6 pounds and now we will have to do some math to determine just how much more they were. I really wasn’t too excited about seeing all the boats around so I decided to search out new water quite some distance away and try to find new areas to play. With the bright sunshine and cool morning air we blasted off and away from the others. Air temps were around 45 degrees and the water was anywhere from 54 degrees up to 59 degrees depending on where we were. Although there was only a 5 to 10 knot wind from the S/W we were fishing in 2 footers at best. After several hours with nay a fish, I decided to bite the bullet and head back to where I wanted to begin. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived; it was like there was a tournament going on! Boats everywhere, all looking for the holy grail of smallmouth! I decided right there that we were going to switch lakes and immediately put the boat back on the trailer and bolted. This was definitely the best choice as we were into a crap load of fish for the remainder of the day. The best thing about this was that we never really saw another boat in the area and that was just fine with me! These fish were acting a little stranger than I would have liked them to, but we did play with plenty of them in the time we were there. I definitely think most of them were not really feeding, because we dropped as many as we caught. A few of them were even hooked from the outside of the mouth and that’s a sure sign that they were just bumping the baits. We landed fish from 2 pounds all the way to over 5, along with a nice little muskie of 38 inches. Who could ask for more! By the time we were ready to pack it in, we were both relieved that we didn’t have to put up with that flotilla of boats. There must have been 20 or more trailers in the parking lot when I left and that’s just insane. Thankfully I have alternate bodies of water and places to fish to get away from days like these. A tough start, but an incredible end to a not so perfect day!!