Well, we were back on the water again today and this time there was a lot less traffic! We got a slightly later start than usual and were fishing by 8:30 and into fish almost immediately. The air temps began at 32 degrees and climbed all the way up to 44 degrees by the end of the day. Water temps were around the same at 51 degrees and the wind was from the east at 10 knots causing us less of a problem. Although we started out in the sun, it quickly changed to cloud and even looked like a possible shower or flurry in the distance. Jigs produced the bulk of this day’s catch, but crankbaits & spinnerbaits held their own as well. Takeshi‘s special crankbait was a hot item at one point and it also produced the largest fish of the day, many times over. The current breaks were really the place to be as almost all the big fish came from them. By cross casting he was able to pick them off one by one as I held in the river’s current. We tried many areas today and found fish in every one of them, but some were holding numbers and others just size. Tak’s hands were officially rendered helpless after today and he may have to go into rehab when he gets back home! I felt bad enough for him that I took the pictures immediately after catching the fish instead of live welling them today. This way he was able to hold them in much less pain. It was another phenomenal day of fishing as we caught bass all day long. He may not even want to go fishing for a while after he gets back home as a five bite day is considered great in his country. Man has he been spoiled on this trip!!