Another trip with Norm and another phenomenal day for smallies was what we had in store today. Although the weather wasn’t as predicted, the fishing was red hot! With S/W winds forecasted at 10 to 20 knots and sun & clouds scheduled, we were excited! Too bad there was almost no wind and clouds all day. We began by hitting plenty of fish in the shallows and eventually moved out to the deeper water to try and find some of the bigger ones. A few break offs, bite offs and lost fish after hook ups had us wondering what was going wrong. After a couple of slight adjustments we were back in the swing of things boating some decent smallies once again. The bite was a little strange in this area and we had to wait a little longer before we set the hooks in order to keep the fish pinned. I thought there might have been a predator lurking when I hooked something that didn’t feet quite right. The runs were powerful and not too many head shakes came from this 30 second battle. Unfortunately the fight was short and whatever it was came unpinned before I could see what it was. I hate the not knowing! We covered plenty of water both in shallow all the way out to over 30 feet and managed to get into some fish all over. Numbers of fish in the 2 to 3 pound range were caught along with several in the 4 to over 5 pound range. Most were caught by slowly presenting offerings but there were a few that just hammered a blade making it a real mix of a day. There were even a couple of nice walleye caught with the largest going over 7 pounds. By the time it was all over we had lost track of just how many fish we had landed and called it a tie. The day was just too good to argue who had caught more and although I had the largest fish with the walleye, we remained equal in our landing ratio. A great day was had by all!!