After a day of rest I was back on the water with Les, searching for those footballs once again. With the weather overcast and the air temps to reach the upper 40’s I was sure we would have a good one. We began in a misty rain that had us in the clouds and without any wind at all. Around 30 seconds into the drift the first bass of around 3 pounds came aboard and I knew we were going to get them good. This was new to Les but it didn’t take him long to get the feel for things. He started to differentiate between bottom type, weeds and even fish hits within minutes and began to hook up. The bass may not have been the quality I was hoping for but it was action and that’s all that mattered. We were into plenty of 2 to 3 pound smallies with an occasional bigger fish from time to time. They were biting a little funny and dropping the baits before we locked them up causing us to wonder what we needed to do to change them. We even foul hooked a few under the chin and outside the mouth making me think that they weren’t really interested. At one point I thought Les finally had a good one only to find out at the boat that he had foul hooked a carp of around 6 pounds. We shifted locations several times and caught fish in each and every one we stopped at. There were even a few small walleye caught! At one point in the afternoon it felt like they had shut off the current as we were barely moving. If this had been a river in the states I would have thought that they shut off the flow at the dam. With the lack of current we also had a lack of bites and decided to call it a day. Although we hadn’t managed to find the big ones today, we had still managed to get into a bunch of fish. Unfortunately, we had also missed plenty! I think our ratio would have been a 40/60 split with the fish on the better end of the scale. Overall though, we were still satisfied with the outcome of this day and as Les would say, “it sure beats working”!!!