I headed out again this morning with four clients looking for a variety of fish for them to play with. The air temps had stabilized somewhat with the switch in wind direction from yesterdays N/E to a S/W of 5 to 10 knots. This was definitely going to make the fishing a little bit better, I hoped! Although we didn’t get set up until after 9:00 A.M. it didn’t take long for the reels to go off. Within a couple of minutes, both Sammy and Ouissam had landed fish and one of them was a decent walleye that was to be the main attraction at dinner tonight. The other was a northern of 4 pounds and released immediately. I knew now that we were going to have a successful day and reset the lines for more action. About every five minutes or less, one of the reels fired for almost an hour and there were many pike coming to the boat providing plenty of action for all. With the cloud cover overhead and the temps around 60 degrees, it made the conditions really comfortable to be on the water. The boat traffic was a little heavier than I was use to and I knew it was only going to get worse as this was the final day in a long weekend. I was working hard covering all the waypoints and icons I had for this area trying to get a big walleye and keep the tradition rolling when another rod went off and Stephan was into a good fish. By the way it was acting, I thought it might be the one and coached him on how to finesse the fish so as not to pull the hooks free. When I finally caught a glimpse of this one, all was confirmed. It was a big eye! As soon as I slipped the net under the fish, the hooks flew out and she was free. What a beautiful fish of over 26 inches and Stephan’s personal best at over 6 pounds. After a few pics, she was free to go and back to the bottom she went. I told them that we weren’t going to kill a big fish like that just so that someone could eat it and they agreed. These are our big spawners and you have to continue the cycle! Back to the troll we went and almost immediately after setting the lines out, another reel fired and more pike were coming aboard once again. I am sure there were a few walleye lost while reeling in when some of the fish came unpinned, but we’ll never know for sure. All I know is that in the 3 or 4 hours of trolling there were many fish landed as well as lost before we cut out of this area. By now the boat traffic was just insane and I was forced to relocate due to everyone trying to fish. Other than one of the boats, I never saw anyone catch a thing while I trolled through the obstacle course. We stopped for smallmouth bass at another spot in hopes of getting into some of the same action that I had the day before but were somewhat disappointed. Hassan hooked into the first one and just like yesterday, there were plenty more followers as he fought the fish to the boat. Unfortunately, nobody could monopolize on this situation and they all disappeared. A few smaller ones were caught by all but nothing of the size I was looking at and we left not too long after. They just didn’t want to feed and I wasn’t going to stay there waiting for them to turn on. I thought I would try a deep drift with all the bodies in the boat and moved out to between 15 & 25 feet and began. The first fish to get landed was another walleye around the same size as the3 pounder in the morning and it too went into the livewell. Several smaller bass were taken in the next hour or so by all but once again they weren’t really what I was looking for so we threw in the towel and went back to trolling. They all had a good time earlier and it was unanimously decided upon! Back to the troll and instantly a reel fired once again as Hassan jumped on the rod like a cat to a mouse. He’s like lightning when the reels go off! Lots of pike came in the last hour or so and one of the last fish was landed by Hassan and it too was a good one at over 8 pounds. Without a doubt, trolling was the way to go for the numbers today as well as the number of bodies in the boat. It was definitely the easiest method for everyone to catch and boy did they catch fish! It was another mixed bag, multi species kind of day and loaded with action. The fish in the livewell even caught a break when we released the walleye back to the lake due to no one wanting to clean their catch. All in all a pretty good day and nobody got hurt!!