I was back on the water again today along with Hugues, his wife Carole and their sons, Etiene & Olivier looking for more big bass. Hugues had to postpone a fishing date this summer and had chosen this day many weeks in advance, hoping for good weather. It wasn’t looking too good as the forecast called for heavy rains in the afternoon, but we took our chances anyway. We wasted no time getting on the lake and began fishing almost immediately hoping to get a break in the predicted weather. The air temps were around 60 degrees and the water temps were almost 62 degrees where we began and it didn’t take long before Carole was into her first bass of the day. Although it wasn’t too big at 3 pounds, she was still the first to land a fish. Etiene was the next to get hit and unfortunately slack was the cause of his loss as a decent smallie never even got a chance to fight. He managed to miss a few others after as well and then he locked up on one that made it to the boat. She went just over 3 pounds and still not the size I was looking for so I moved on hoping for bigger bites. Carole landed another nice one over 3 pounds on the next drift and tension was building. It was ironic that Hugues & Olivier weren’t getting into fish but I knew it was just a matter of time before that would change. Several lost fish were had before Hugues hooked up with a real beauty and after many jumps, I netted this almost 5 pound beast. He was officially on the board and only Olivier was left to land one now so I relocated to another area nearby in hopes of getting him into a few of his own. It didn’t take long and Olivier brought to the boat a nice 3.5 pound smallie and all was good. He also caught the next fish of almost 5 pounds as well and we thought he was finally getting the hang of things. The weather had now moved in and rain was falling along with a S/E wind blowing 5 to 10 knots making boat control terrible. I had to switch to casting just to be able to get bit and I knew that wasn’t the best choice for these inactive fish. Although there were only a few more bass that came aboard, there was one that went in the 6 pound class and that was a real beauty. We had seen plenty of fish in the areas we had been fishing but most of them were reluctant to take our offerings and that was just frustrating. Somewhere around 3:30 they called it a day and we headed back to the dock. It was definitely not what I had expected today but there were some quality fish landed once more. Although it would have been nice to get into a few more fish the ones we did land were all of good size and everyone caught. Let’s hope the next time Hugues and his family decide to hook up with me that the weather cooperates, leaving them wanting more. Overall a tough day, but big fish all around!!