Day two began with almost no wind and a little different than the first one as we began our troll. The sun was coming up and the sky was a brilliant red signifying a change for the worse on its way. Air temps were actually cold and damp with water temps not quite 50 degrees at the start and the air slightly warmer. It took quite a while before we had the first rod fire and Norm knew by the fight that the fish wasn’t very big. It was more like the landlocks we caught in the spring rather than a king from this big pond and we released the skippy. The next one was a clone to the first one and a little disappointing once more. The third fish to hit however was a reel screamer and went airborne several times behind the boat just going crazy with the flips. I saw that the spoon was hooked in its back causing the salmon to freak out with the aerials. It must have tried to hit it but somehow managed to miss and become foul hooked. Either way, it wasn’t going to be landed & thankfully tore lose. It was definitely a slower day than yesterday, but I had the confidence that we were going to catch and trolled over some of the same areas and a few newer ones looking for the big bite. A wire line rod went off when I slid in a bit shallower and I thought we might have a good one only to find out when it came to the boat that it wasn’t a salmon after all. Ironically it was a laker and not bad in size. It went 10 pounds and was the first lake trout I had ever seen from here. Back we went to trolling and with the flat calm conditions, had to cover lots of water to get the bites we were having. Although we were only on the water till about 1:30 we never really got into them like the day before and had to settle for a total of 10 fish today. Norm wanted to try one of these salmon so we kept a couple of smaller ones less than 10 pounds in the livewell swimming. We may not have had the action we wanted today but we still landed 10 more fish and that’s good on any day. I think yesterday spoiled both of us leaving us thinking it was too easy and wanting more & bigger today. Either way it was a great two days of fishing and we can’t wait to get back & tackle more of these strong kings again!!!