Richard needed to take a break from his hectic work schedule and called me early this morning to see if I was available. As luck would have it I was and we were meeting at the ramp shortly after 9:00 A.M. I thought that with the beautiful weather and sunshine we were having that we would start for smallies and ran to the first spot. Air temps were hovering around 70 degrees at the start and climbed to over 80 by mid afternoon. Winds were from the S/E at 5 to 10 knots early and really kicked up later in the day with gusts around 20 knots creating a real big chop on the water. I don’t think it took Richard more than a couple of casts before he was tight to his first smallie and many more to come. Three to 4 pounds were the average size he was getting and he broke off an even larger one when it took him around a big boulder. We casted to the bass for several hours successfully, before trying a change and heading into the jungle for some largemouth bass. This wasn’t to pan out however as the winds were blowing big waves on the water, making fishing almost impossible in this area. Richard finally gave in as work had been hounding him all morning long and he really had to be there. We packed it up and headed back to the ramp around 2:30 giving us about half of the day both had wanted. Overall, it was pretty good for the smallies as we managed to get into about a dozen quality bass in just a few short hours up to 4.5 pounds. I hope the next time out it’s on the weekend when he doesn’t have to think about his work and can focus on just catching fish. I think he does too!!!