Well, the four of us met up at 7:30 A.M. and were soon washing flies on the lake in hot pursuit of the elusive ouananiche salmon. We arrived to find that the conditions were even worse than yesterday afternoon, when we finished our day. Floating weeds & pollen were all over the areas that I needed to be, causing the troll to become almost impossible. Although the weather was nicer that the morning before with air temps in the high 40’s, the winds were non existent. The debris was everywhere and we needed wind to blow it towards the shoreline allowing us to troll the areas that held the fish. The water temps were between 45 & 50 degrees depending on which areas we were and that seemed just perfect for the salmon. We were constantly checking the lines and most times, coming up with some sort of crap on the flies not allowing the fish to eat the baits. Although we did manage to land one shot salmon and had another on for a brief period, I decided after a couple of hours that this just wasn’t going to happen. We picked up and left completely, hoping for a better area to be able to troll. We finally found an area void of debris and hoped that we would be able to find fish and it didn’t take long before we were locked up. Unfortunately, they were bass and although decent in size, not the species we were after. The entire day was pretty much like this with the only fish being caught, either bass or perch. We did manage to have a good rip on one of the reels in the afternoon that I was sure had to be a salmon, only to have it come unpinned when Jim wasn’t able to get the rod out of the holder. We ended the day a little under par on the salmon scene, but way above par on other species while trying. Mother Nature provided us with a rather difficult day today while in search of the elusive ouananiche salmon!!