Well, Norm & I were back at it once again this morning and we were going in hard! I knew we wouldn’t have much company on the lake today as we were the only trailer at the launch. I thought we would try a different area in hopes of better fishing and more active fish. Although it poured rain all night, we were fortunate to have only overcast skies this morning with no wind at all. Air temps were barely 45 degrees but the water was in the upper 50’s and this looked promising. We were loaded for bear and planned on trying it all! From planers and riggers to all densities of fly rods, we pretty much had everything, including the kitchen sink! This was to prove to be more work than it was worth as it didn’t seem to matter what we put in the water, they all caught fish. The planers & lead core managed to get perch, pickerel & bass from over depths as much as 40 feet. The riggers caught bass & perch and the fly rods also caught the mixed trio along with several rock bass thrown in just for laughs. When we worked the boards, we were marking all kinds of fish and giant schools of baitfish literally everywhere. I was shocked to see that we came through this, untouched! I even trolled the fly rods on a deep line off the edges of the humps in open water and had a couple of reels fire only to land one small bass and an obviously lost chain pickerel. The winds had kicked up in the afternoon, blowing 10 to 15 knots from the south and creating some nice waves in the process. The weather also changed and put a misty rain on us, making it all that more enjoyable. After a while of fishing where the fish were, I decided to try another area in hopes of better results. We had several more reels go off on the boards & lead core, but as with before they were either perch or bass. The bait I was marking was insane in this trench and should have been surrounded by literally every fish in the area. I did have plenty of hooks marking, but they weren’t taking anything we put down. All we could catch were perch, pickerel & bass once more and that was just frustrating. In the end, I just figured I would troll all the way back to the ramp and that I did. Oh we did stop in a few areas to throw jigs and minnow baits on sloping drops but as with every other area today, nada! We stuck it out till about 6:30 and finally decided to call it a day. As luck would have it, a little too long as we finally got poured on, while on our way back to the ramp. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, Mother Nature thrown a curve ball at you and does this! The perfect end to a perfect day, I guess!!