Craig & Herm accompanied me today on another outing looking for more of those giant smallmouth bass. We began the day almost in the same conditions as yesterday except for the lack of wind. Air temps were 38 degrees and the sun was shining making it feel slightly warmer, so I opted not to wear the suit this morning. The water temps had fallen to 57.5 degrees and eventually warmed up later in the day to 58.5 degrees. The winds remained light & variable and were barely noticeable until later in the afternoon with the arrival of clouds. The bite was a little slower during the morning and in some areas you practically had to dead stick the baits in order to get bit. We were catching plenty of smaller fish but the 4 pounders were few & far between. Craig caught more than Herm today, but he was also feeling slightly better as Herm was experiencing some back discomfort. It’s no fun fishing when you’re ailing! Sometime in the afternoon when the air temps reached their max, the fish seemed like they had come alive. For over 3 hours the action was tremendous and fish were being caught constantly. They were all sizes with most being 2.5 to 4 pounds. Craig did manage to catch a couple that went over 5 pounds and was thrilled to see how fat they actually were. When the action finally slowed down later on and we were only able to pick a fish here & there, we decided to pack it in and head home. There wasn’t a lack of fish caught today, just a lack of the really big ones. Overall it was still a great day to be on the water and the air temps made it even more enjoyable. Plenty of fish and even more to come!