Today I was back on the water with Craig & Herm once again. They had been here last week and had to get back for another day of smallie action. We began with a complete opposite of yesterday and welcomed it with open arms. The weather was just spectacular with air temps of almost 60 degrees and plenty of sunshine. Winds were out of the S/E at 5 to 10 K and I was thrilled to finally have a light chop. Water temps were 54 degrees and went to 54.5 by days end. Herm drew first blood with a decent smallie of a couple of pounds within the first few minutes and the games were on. After that, Craig also started boating a few of his own and they were soon both catching their fair share of bass. It was a little slow for a while and I decided to move around trying to find a better load of fish somewhere, but was only able to pick a few here & there until Herm loaded up on a real giant. He had never caught a smallie over 5 pounds and was really looking foreword to the possibility of landing one. This was not going to be the day however when the fish decided to take to the air and throw the hook. We all had a great look at this bass next to the boat and agreed that it definitely could have surpassed the 6-pound mark. Not only did he lose the biggest bass he ever had on, but he still didn’t land a 5 pounder! Both Craig & Herm did however have a great afternoon, catching plenty of smallies with Craig adding a couple more over 5 pounds to his belt. The best Herm could manage was a measly 4 pound 12 ounce bass that fell 4 ounces shy of his 5 pound goal. Oh well, there’s always next time! We called it quits shortly after five and headed back to the ramp for our drive back home. All in all it was a tremendous day spent on the water and best of all, it didn’t rain!!