After a two-week wait on a motor part, I was back on the lake once again today. This time however, we were to fish a lake up north in hopes of catching some real bruisers. Max, Matt and Ben were to join me and together we were looking for 5 pound smallies, or maybe even better. The temperatures were in the low 40’s as I headed to the water and fog made the driving difficult at times. I knew that sunshine would eventually burn off the fog and hoped the temps would also rise as well. With a light wind from the W of about 5 to 10 K, the conditions were just perfect. We hit the water at about 8:30 A.M., as there would be no need in getting there too early with the cold overnight temps and wasted no time once we were there. To my amazement, the water temps were only 62.4 degrees and I knew the bass would be lethargic until the sun warmed the surface water. We started throwing tube jigs on the break-lines and had a few followers before Matt finally hooked into the first fish. It was an honest 4-pound plus smallie and his personal best, but there was surely better to come. I slid the fish into the livewell for later pics and we continued along the break. It wasn’t until I hit an offshore reef that Matt nailed another bass even larger and the second smallie of almost 5 pounds was joining his first one in the livewell once again. Both Max and Ben were pumped and wanted some of their own too! Matt was kind enough to take a small break and Max took advantage of this, coming up front to fish with me. He almost immediately locked up and was into a heavy fish as well, but as she went to the air the hook came unpinned. We saw that it was another decent fish of at least 4 pounds and laughed it off. Max managed to hook into another one not long after, but it was only a 13 incher and not what we were after. It was a while after this and Max hooked a real giant along a weed edge and we thought he was actually going to get her in, but once more it took to the air and threw the hook. This time we saw that the fish was a true 5 pounder and were all a little disappointed when she came off. The fish weren’t fast & furious, but they were definitely big and we all wanted more. Somewhere after lunch while we were fishing a narrowed down area between a couple of points, Ben was finally into one of his own. This time when the fish went to the air, all jaws dropped! I knew this was the largest one so far and really wanted Ben to land it, so I went for the net in hopes of getting it in quickly. After a couple of tail walks and a few more jumps, she was finally where I wanted her. This fish was a true 5.5-pound bass and all of 21 inches in length. It may have been the only fish Ben hooked, but it was a real beauty! Within minutes, Matt took away his thunder by nailing one even larger that turned out to be 22.75 inches in length and weighed over 6 pounds. These were two back-to-back giants and well worth the wait! We fished for the rest of the afternoon and managed to get into a few more bass, but nothing like the two that they had just landed. Eventually, we called it a day and took the pictures before we headed off the lake. I knew we weren’t going to get into any numbers today, but I was sure there were going to be a few giants to talk about. I just never expected to see a fish of almost 23 inches and over 6 pounds! This was definitely the largest one to ever come aboard my boat on this lake and I was glad to see her. Maybe not as happy as Matt, but thrilled nevertheless! Overall, a tough day with some real quality bass to show for our efforts!!