I was back on the water again today with Jim once again, but this time we opted for a different lake in hopes of catching more & bigger bass. The temps had fallen overnight and the winds were from the north at 10 to 15 knots making the air feel even colder than it really was. The overcast skies didn’t help either as sunshine might have warmed us up a little bit more. The air was 50 degrees & the water was 67 degrees but the air temps almost matched the water by late afternoon as they reached 65. This coupled with the sunshine and stopping of the winds almost felt Florida like as we cruised the shallows sighting bass all over. Unfortunately, it was a lot like yesterday as we picked a few fish here & there and really had to work hard to get them to strike. Tubes were the baits of choice as almost all of the bass today fell victim to one colour or another. There were a few that were caught on crankbaits and a few more on spinnerbaits, but the better fish came on the tubes. While dragging in deeper water, searching for a concentration, I managed to get into a huge one that would have been close to 6 pounds. Jim wasn’t as lucky with his largest going a little over4 pounds. He did however catch a bonus largemouth on a spinnerbait and that was a real surprise to both of us too. Somewhere around 5:00 P.M. as the sun was falling along with the air tempos, we decided to call it a day and head back to the boat ramp. He will be back in a few weeks with his wife and I ensured him that the fishing could only get better. All of these cruising fish will likely be on the feed by then and big numbers will follow. Although we didn’t catch a ton of fish today, there were still plenty of quality smallies to keep us happy!