I was back on the water today with Bobby & Frank on another lake in pursuit of some jumbo, fall smallies. We got a late start due to traffic on our lovely Quebec roads and I wasted no time getting going once they arrived. The air was a chilly one for the run with temps barely over 45 degrees. Factor in the wind at 50 MPH and thank god the Ranger has a full windshield! The winds were out of the N at 10 K making it seem even colder. Water temps were about 67 degrees in our first spot and never reached 68 late by late afternoon. It started out a little slow with the cooler water temps, but I was determined to stick it out in the area as I had confidence that the sun would get them to go. A couple of 3 pounders were hooked on a spinnerbait and another on a crankbait, but not the numbers I wanted, so I switched to a senko to see if they were just inactive. It didn’t take too long after that to get into a decent one of about 4 pounds and the games were on. I immediately set up a couple of other rods and both Frank & Bobby began to hook up. They had the feeling! At one point, Frank & Bobby had doubles and they were both over 5 pounds. Unfortunately Frank’s came off at the boat and I only netted one. At another point during the morning, I had a big fish hooked and Bobby managed to get into the larger follower with a tube bait at the boat. Eventually, there were two fish aboard that would have gone close to 10 pounds when all of this settled. For the next couple of hours or more, there were bass of all sizes up to 4 pounds or so coming aboard, all on senko’s. A few fish were also landed on tubes again as back up baits when others tagged along during the boat-side battles. When everything slowed, I moved on with the electric and managed to get into some more active fish a little further away before they just shut down. We covered plenty of water afterwards but only managed a few more fish, all the while seeing huge bass just cruising around the area, without any interest. All in all there had to be about 25 fish landed today with plenty of others lost and many more seen just cruising around. Most of these bass were big and several of them were just huge, making this a great day for size, not numbers!!