I had a couple of days off so I decided to take advantage of this and go pound some chrome on Lake Ontario with Mike. We hooked up with Greg, a friend and hit the water early Wednesday morning in hot pursuit of the King Salmon! Water temps were 68 to 69 degrees where we were and the waves were pretty big with all the storm fronts that we had, but the fish were on. It rained plenty during the day and blew so strong that we were in average 4 footers with the occasional 6 or better thrown in for laughs. On the first day we landed a total of 36 fish up to almost 30 pounds with the bulk being 20 plus. It was quite an experience to get into all those fish and we have the bruises to prove it. The rod butts really put a strain on the gut when you’re trying to get back 4 to 5 hundred feet of line that just went out like a rocket. “What comes off must go on “ was the phase of the day! By 5:00 P.M. we had just about enough of this pain and headed back to regroup in the morning. Day 2 was almost the same with lighter winds and rain as well, but the fish were still hitting. We managed to land about 18 salmon in a few short hours and got off by 11:30 A.M. in order to get back to Montreal at a decent hour. We both had clients the next day and needed our rest after battling all these angry creatures. Some of the fish were a little smaller today, but we still had a double header that put 2 fish of 23 or 24 pounds in the boat at the same time. I only kept a few smaller fish to give to friends and all the rest were released to fight another day. All in all a really tough 2 days of fighting chrome monsters that just beat us up!! What a hoot!