I fished with my wife, Christiane on our annual anniversary weekend today and began around noon. We fished on a smaller lake, trolling with fly rods for browns and lakers. Sunshine and no wind with air temps in the 70’s made this picture perfect. Water temps were 57 to 60 degrees depending where we fished and the reels were screaming! Unfortunately, the smallies were crushing our flies again and we weren’t able to keep them in the water long enough to get bit by the trout. Trolling over baitfish and large hooks in 20 to 40 feet of water with both lines down 8 to 12 feet, we still only managed to catch bass. All in all it was still a great day to be on the water! We got an earlier start on the second day and were fishing by just after 8:00 AM, trolling flies once again. Clear skies & sun with no wind once again made for an easy troll. Water temps were 55 to 59 degrees and the air temps reached 70 degrees by days end. Our first 2 hits were short strikes and came unpinned immediately, but the third strike locked up hard. The reel screamed and I knew it was a trout! When we got the fish close to the net I realized it would be short and just reached down with the boga grip and unhooked it for release. With the Quebec slot size of 35 to 50 centimetres having to be released, it fell just short at about 19 inches. It was a good fight, but still a disappointment! We had a few more rips on the reels, but they were striking short and never got hooked on the flies. I trolled this deep shoal for several passes but only managed to hook smallies before I relocated to another nearby. We were having the same thing happen here with short strikes and misses and then another short lake trout had to be released again. With the sun high & warm and a slight breeze I decided to troll a shoreline with deep water nearby and hooked up almost immediately on the high line. As luck would have it, this too was a short laker once again & had to be released. The rest of the afternoon we had hits, misses, hook ups and only smallies to show for our efforts. The most productive lines were down 12 to 18 feet over 20 to 30 feet of water today, but I’ll go deeper tomorrow! Day 3 saw us on the water about 9:00 AM and we ran to our first spot with great anticipation. The weather was better than expected with sunshine and light west winds. Air temps reached into the upper 60’s and the water temps were 53 to 59 degrees where we trolled. We trolled plenty of water marking baitfish and big fish but only hooked up with a few smaller bass over the water we fished. We trolled miles of great looking water with nay a touch! Sometime after lunch we crossed over to the other side of the lake and found cooler water at 53 degrees when the deep line fired. Way back behind the boat this silver bullet went airborne and I thought we finally had a salmon. After a lengthy battle and many more jumps I finally slipped the net under a rainbow trout and not a niche. We would be dining on this trout tonight seeing as how it was our anniversary and into the livewell it went. The rest of the afternoon only saw bass hitting and no other trout could be found. We eventually left the lake sometime around 4:00 PM when the onsite of storms approached in the distance. This was definitely the way to spend a relaxing day & end another anniversary weekend!