Today I had the pleasure of hooking up with Andre & Jim for more smallmouth action. Once again we began a little later and hooked up after 8:30 AM with the air temps below freezing. It managed to get up to around 38 or 40 degrees during the day and with the added sunshine actually felt warm. Unfortunately, the NE winds plagued us and blew around 10 to 15 knots making it chilly in certain areas being fished. We were fishing in current and dragging tubes, but with the wind direction had to stop due to a poor drift. Casting the jigs would have to do and they began hooking up not long afterwards. As long as I positioned the boat properly in certain areas, they were able to get into the fish quite regularly. They weren’t as big as yesterday’s catch, but there were a few in the 4-pound size taken today. Although most of these smallmouth were 1.5 to 3 pounds, they were still lots of fun to fight with the added current to aid them. I had seen a significant drop in the water temps since the last time I was here and was now fishing water between 48.3 degrees and 49.5 degrees depending on the location. This should have grouped the fish up better that it had, but the fishing pressure in this area has been incredibly high this season. Today alone, I had seen close to 10 boats on the water and it wasn’t even the weekend. The word’s out!!! It might not be so bad if people would practice “Catch & Release” more often. I had heard from a reliable source that a few days earlier, someone had filled a 10-gallon bucket to the rim with only the bass tails sticking out. This is just ridiculous! Just how many bass do you need to kill anyway!! Regardless, we were still able to land close to 75 smallmouth ranging from 1.5 pounds to over 4 pounds in less than 8 hours of fishing. I still consider this a great day!!