I fished with Cindy today on a local body of water and oh, how we crushed them! The overnight temps were pretty cold so we hooked up around 9:00 A.M., as there was no rush to get out at the crack of dawn. The day began below freezing and never made it any higher than maybe 38 degrees. Water temps had dropped a bit and were now 51.5 in most areas. It didn’t take too long to start getting into them on a regular basis and we were both locked up often. Big smallies of 4 pounds and better were being landed and Cindy caught one that went 20.25 inches and was as fat as a football. It must have been close to 5.5 pounds with that girth! There were plenty of smaller fish in the 2 to 3 pound range as well, but we were after the real giants today. I knew we were going to get into numbers of huge bass, but was hoping for something above 21 inches and possibly closer to 22. Unfortunately, this never happened and we had to settle for numbers of 19 to 20 inch bass all day long. It’s really tough when you have to catch only fish of that size! As usual, tubes were the hot ticket once more as these fish were glued to the bottom and never seemed to want to chase anything down that wasn’t in their strike zone. I’ve tried crankbaits and really haven’t scored well! Occasionally in the shallows, you can pick up a decent bass on a spinnerbait, but that’s only when they are really active and feeding. We ended the day a little after 4:00 PM and had 40 to 50 bass to our credit. It wasn’t fast & furious, but they were definitely worth the effort. I was glad that we had both dressed for the weather and had warm enough clothes on as clouds blanketed us all day long. It’s a good thing that it wasn’t windy either, because without the sun it would have been a real challenge too. All in all a pretty good day nonetheless!!!