I was back on the water again today with Marco & Jacenty for a mixed bag type of day. The weather was a complete duplicate of yesterday with less wind and unbelievable for this time of year again. Jacenty wanted to try for a big Muskie so we set the rods and began trolling first off. Around 20 minutes into the troll, the wire line went off and the reel began its typical scream. I yelled, “Fish” and Jacenty was on the rod almost immediately afterwards. It was hard to tell how big it was on this meat stick, but I knew it would be around 20 pounds at least. When both Marco & Jacenty saw the 43-inch fish behind the boat, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They thought it was enormous and freaked when they caught a glimpse of it coming to the boat. I managed to lip grip it with the boga and had to snip one of the hooks out before I brought it aboard for a few pics. I guess the fish was still a little green, because she gave Jacenty a hard time posing for the pictures. She spiralled while he was holding her and did a nasty job on one of his hands and fingers. The fish went away unharmed, but that’s more than I can say about the fisherman! I had to play doctor and close all the wounds before we resumed our fishing. I was hoping on getting Marco into one of these and continued trolling other areas for a while without another strike. We marked plenty of good-looking hooks, but no takers! Eventually, we went for smallmouth and they began catching some decent bass. Jerk-baits and tubes were once again the ticket with an occasional spinnerbait later in the afternoon. We had all kinds of fish following the lures in every place we hit, but there weren’t too many takers and it was beginning to get frustrating. There’s nothing worse than seeing fish and not being able to get them to strike! We moved all over picking a few here and there and later in the afternoon decided to try for Muskie once again. Just like the morning, we marked plenty of good hooks in several areas, but couldn’t get a reel to fire. We ended up leaving around 6:00 PM without getting Marco into one of those toothy critters. It was a pretty good day, but a few more bass and another Muskie would have made it a great one. All in all, they had fun but somebody did get hurt! I know that Yacenty will always remember his first Muskie and he now has the cuts & scars to prove it!