This was Takeshi’s last day and I wanted to make sure he had a great one, so we went back to where the numbers were! As usual, the same baits were producing in all the usual areas and he was into fish almost instantly. Jigs were the ticket in the morning and eventually the other baits brought up fish when the air got warmer. The water temps remained pretty stable with 67 degrees being about the norm. The water level however had risen causing a little more current and more active fish in certain areas. I guess the rain had been enough to bring it up and it became a little more stained than usual. When we found cleaner water it was better fishing! I think the fish were able to see the baits a bit better and from further away. We live welled the better bass during the day for a photo shoot near the end and he just kept catching. Once more, Tak was into fish practically everywhere we went and I was glad we chose this body of water on his last day. I offered him a shot at another muskie and he was quick to respond with a yes, so we packed up and relocate once again. I wanted to have the lines in the water for the moon and began trolling plugs around 4:30 PM. We went right through the rise without a strike and I was beginning to lose faith and then it happened. The deep rod fired and the reel screamed signalling a taker. Unfortunately, as fast as it ripped, it also went silent. Damn, it’s gone! I really hate it when that happens as this one took plenty of line as well and there’s no reason that it came off. I guess that’s just fishing! There wasn’t to be any more hits in the next 15 minutes and it was time to go. This would have been a great way to end his trip to Canada for smallies with another big ski under his belt. Oh well, there’s always next year! Today’s total count had to be another 75 or more fish day with plenty of quality bass landed as well as lost. “Five days go too fast”, he said, “next year 10”! I can’t wait!!