Jim & Andre joined me today on a local body of water for some incredible, smallmouth bass action. The weather began a little damp & misty following a heavy downpour all night long. The weatherman had forecasted a 100% chance of rain for the day and for a change, he was wrong! It let up somewhere around 11:00 AM and never came back. There was also suppose to be a high wind advisory that predicted 15 to 25 knots with heavier gusts and that never arrived until we were ready to leave. For the first time, they were wrong for the good! The first area we stopped in produced fish almost immediately and both Andre & Jim were catching smallies on practically every cast. Water temps had dropped a bit since the last time I was there 4 days ago and were now barely 62 degrees, but the fish were on fire. Tubes were the hot ticked for the day with numerous hook-ups on both fish as well as rocks. Sometimes it’s hard to detect the difference without a really tight line during a drift & drag and they were both being fooled at times. Fortunately, we were in the right zones and multiple doubles and an occasional triple-header occasionally occurred! I fan casted some of the areas with a crankbait to see if I could bring up a school, but caught only the occasional bass. I believe that by the end of the day, the water temps were still above the air temps that stayed no higher than 50 degrees at best. Most of the day saw heavy clouds but an occasional appearance from the sun now & then made it feel great. By the time it was all said & done, there were close to 100 bass caught & released up to 4.5 pounds. No 5 pounders, but still plenty of quality bass to keep anyone happy for the entire day. A typical great fall fishing day was had by all!!