I had the pleasure of fishing with Wes today on a local lake for a real Multi Species type of day. We primarily fished for smallies, but had a variety of other species during the day as well. This trip was actually an early anniversary present that Wes’s wife had gotten for him several weeks ago. They were scheduled to come into the Montreal area for the thanksgiving weekend and she wanted to surprise him with a day on the water. Great wife! The weather was unseasonably warm today with the highs reaching into the upper 70’s and the skies were full of sunshine throughout the entire day. The winds were out of the SW at 5 to 10 knots at the worst of times and the water temps reached 66.5 degrees in some places as well. We began the day trying to get him a Muskie by trolling, but had no takers and decided to go for smallies around 10:00 AM. It didn’t take long before he was locked up on a jerk-bait and many more followed. Tubes were also accounting for some of the bass, but he stuck to the jerk-bait due to the violent strikes that came with throwing it. Every time he hooked up there were several others that followed and I was able to pick one here & there on a tube when this occurred. In one of the areas drifting tubes in slightly deeper water, the rod snapped tight and we were into another fish, that didn’t look like a smallie. It turned out to be a 20-pound Muskie and it was on light bass tackle! I was finally able to boga grip this creature and bring it aboard for a few quick pics before releasing her unharmed. Pretty good, we trolled for over 2 hours without a touch and hooked up while fishing bass! This wasn’t the end to the madness either. There was a big sucker caught, a 36-inch northern and a sturgeon as well. All of these were taken on tubes while fishing for bass too. We hit several areas in hopes of finding the mother load, but only encountered smaller pods of bass all over the place. Spinnerbaits were also taking some of the larger fish up to 4 pounds in practically no water, while casting to rocky shoals surrounded with weeds. The bass action went all day long with some lulls in the afternoon, but we caught throughout. I thought I would give the trolling another try for Muskie late in the day and managed to get him into a decent fish of 42.5 inches. When the reel finally fired, it was like music to my ears and Wes was on the rod almost instantly. It was on the long line and he had a great fight with this fish. A few quick pics and back she went unharmed once more! We hit a couple of other places for smallies before calling it a day and managed to get into them once again. All in all it was a tremendous day full of action and probably 30 to 40 smallies not to mention all those bonus fish too!