Warren & I fished Lake St-Francis today and got into the fish quickly in our first location. The weatherman had called for light & variable winds with an increase by afternoon of 10 to 20 knots from the west. Guess what, they were wrong again!! The day began with the winds already 10 to 15 from the east causing a nice rolling 2-foot wave against the current direction. The cool morning air in the mid 60’s had us both putting more clothes on while on the water and once again, the water temps were near the 67-degree mark. We tucked in out of the wind and found ourselves hitting largemouth on senko’s all over the area. About 15 bass were caught in the first hour or so with a few of them around 4 pounds or better. Eventually, we were forced to try the open water for smallmouth and found the winds to be a real pain. It was hard to set up on certain areas and get a proper presentation when the winds were stronger than the current and moving us in the wrong direction. Every rock-pile we stopped to fish had huge smallmouth following our baits, but only a few were actually aggressive enough to attack. After enduring the horrible 2 to 3 footers and splashing, we decided to give up and try more shallow water in pursuit of the largemouth again. Although it was still windy in the bay, the waves weren’t a problem and fish were caught. Most of the bass were a little on the smaller side but there were a few that went between 3 & 4 pounds. We tried a couple more areas before calling it quits and finally found some smallies that were willing to cooperate. In one particular area, we saw probably 8 or 10 good-sized smallmouth and many of them actually were on the end of our lines. Nothing huge, but 3 to 4 pounds were the average and some of the others swimming were closer to 5 pounds. These fish were really strong however and even the smaller ones were acting like 4 pounders. Most of the fish today were caught on plastic baits like senko’s and flukes with slow being the ticket for presentation. All in all a good day with over 30 bass caught and plenty of others either seen or missed!!