Max & I hit the water today on St-Louis in pursuit of some smallmouth action. Flat calm water made the long run to our first spot a smooth experience. With overcast skies and storms in the distance, we weren’t too sure of our decision, but thought we would give it a try anyway. The air temps were in the 70’s with high humidity and the best water temp we had was 67 degrees. It didn’t take long before we were both into fish and we knew the decision was right. Tubes, soft plastic jerk-baits, senko’s and tiny crankbaits accounted for the action in this first area. Shallow rocky areas in current with adjacent, deep water holes held these fish and casting to them was a simple task. We had some thunder rumbling around in the distance that was coming towards us and I thought I would get closer to a sheltered shoreline nearby before it was too late. The rain came in and was heavy at times but never really transpired into the thunderstorms that I thought it might. In the afternoon, the clouds broke up and we were finally into sunshine. The fish were not really cooperating after this system passed and were short striking our jerk-baits in the shallows. What was hitting though, were the northerns and Max had no problems hooking into them. Several smaller bass were caught, but only a few fish in the 4- pound plus range were caught so we tried another area before calling it a day. A few more small walleye were caught in this area on tubes and thrown into the livewell for max to have for dinner, but the bass didn’t show for us there either. All in all, a pretty good day considering what we had to deal with in weather. There were probably close to 20 bass caught with many more missed strikes.