I was back on the water again today with friends, David & Keith, but looking for real giant smallmouth bass. We started on one lake and found the fishing to be a little slow but still managed to get into 8 bass with the largest going in the mid fives. All the others were either four pounds or better and David even managed to get into a bonus lake trout too! The weather was an overcast day with light drizzle towards the afternoon and air temps around 65 degrees. Water temps were in the mid 50’s at best and the warmer water was at the wind blown shoreline as usual. Winds were from the west at 5 to 10 knots with an occasional gust thrown in for good measure. In the afternoon we jumped to another lake and had about the same results. The water temps were slightly higher with 57.5 degrees being the highest, but some of the bass were actually on beds. By casting jigs and jerk-baits towards the deeper adjacent water, we were able to get into another 7 or 8 fish with all of them being 4 pounds or better. This was a pretty good day with the weather we were dealt. I would rather fish with sunshine and warm temps each day, but Mother Nature has the last say in this matter.