I was back, again today on Memphremagog with Christiane & Tim for more football like smallies. Once more, the weather looked dismal as we were seeing all kinds of clouds in the area. The air temps were around 54 degrees when we began our day and winds were from the N/NE at 10 to 20 knots, putting a pretty good chop on the water. Our first area saw water temps a little over 52 degrees as Tim locked up on his second cast. Christiane was soon to follow and the games began. They were both throwing deep diving, suspending jerk-baits over 20 or more feet of water and drawing the smallies up from the depths. I was fishing a 1/8 oz jig tipped with a Fin-s bait and working the depths as well to take even more reluctant fish. We worked several areas that had deep water close by and caught bass in every one before the mist & rain finally arrived. It was a cold rain and I knew this wouldn’t be good for the fishing as the water temps were already too low for this time of the year. The deep jerk-baits were definitely what we needed as both Christiane & Tim continued to catch smallies on a regular basis. It wasn’t easy in this rain & wind to feel the hit, but we managed to endure the weather and stick it out until after 4:00 PM when we just called it a day. Overall, we managed to get into around 75 or more bass weighing up to 4 pounds. All in all a pretty good day by anyone’s standards under these circumstances!