Frank & his uncle, Antonio were my guests today on a trophy lake for lakers. Due to the weather forecast, we decided that our best chance for success would be on trout instead of bass and how right we were. Frank was on fire! The weatherman called for light drizzle with rain showers and a possibility of a thunderstorm. Fortunately, there were no winds to blow from the north today and the lake was practically a mirror all day long. The air temps never exceeded 56 degrees and the best water temps were around 49 degrees at the end of the day, but the lake trout were really going strong. I believe that by days end, Frank had landed 6 trout up to 5 pounds and either lost or had chances at, at least double that. I couldn’t complain about his total because I had close to that myself and never landed a single trout. I did however manage to get into 1 bass that would have gone in the 5.5-pound category. Franks uncle wasn’t as lucky as us and may have had a hit or two with nothing to show for his efforts. To say these fish were hitting lightly would have been an understatement. I think they were licking the jigs by the way they all got off and even some of the ones that were netted, fell off in the net as well. I really wanted Antonio to catch a few trout and decided to try trolling fly rods for them to see if I couldn’t have a few pulls. It didn’t take too long before the light 5 weight fly rod fired and he was tight to a real fighter. This thing took him way into the backing when it sounded for the depths of the lake and a fight that lasted over 5 minutes. Unfortunately for him, we were a half-inch too short to livewell the trout and back she went. Antonio caught one more trout a little later, around the same size and the same thing was to happen. Two lakers taken and both too short! The fights were great though and that’s all that counts, as we were there to have fun. All in all a great day with about 25 or 30 chances at the trout but very little rewards! Maybe the next time they will hit with more authority and we will have a higher percentage of hook ups!!!