Darren was to accompany me to a local lake in pursuit of jumbo fall smallies today. He had experienced these fat, fall footballs before and was looking foreword to getting into more of them. As luck would have it for the end of November, the air temps were to reach into the 50’s with sunshine and no wind. Water temps were almost 50 degrees and climb throughout the day. Within the first 5 minutes, there were a couple landed and a few others lost. We moved all around trying to locate a mother load of bass and caught a few every where we went. Bass of 3 to 5 pounds were the norm and an occasional walleye as well. The best areas were located on rock piles with some weeds adjacent. Depths of 4 feet to 30 feet held fish with the better areas once again being 14 to 20 feet deep. Tubes were also the lure of choice as these fish were feeding on crawfish as well as minnows. Certain areas held better fish and larger concentrations but by making long casts and covering water, fish were caught all over. There were no real giants today, but 50 or more bass fell victim to the tubes with the largest ones going just over 5 pounds. All in all a great day with unbelievable weather for this time of the year.