After a few days of successful Muskie fishing, I was back on the water today with my wife Christiane for more smallie action. The weather looked great for this trip and I knew it would be her last chance for the season to tackle some feisty smallmouth. There was little to no wind present and the sun was out making for a pleasant day of fishing. Water temps were 45 degrees and the air temps went to about the same as we took advantage of this spectacular, fall day. On my first cast I was tight to a smaller than usual bass of around 2.5 pounds and I thought we were in for an amazing day of fishing. As a rule, it’s bad luck to catch a fish on your first cast and this was to be no different! It was quite a while before we got a second bite and it was definitely a tough one as we covered plenty of water looking for the mother load. Unfortunately, every time we got into one, it was just that. Every place we hooked up only produced a few fish and we continued looking once again. There were several decent smallmouith caught, but no giants as of yet until we finally found the right area at the end of the day. These fish were situated on a drop off and mostly holding in 14 to 20 feet of water as we constantly hooked into big smallies for over an hour. Right at the end of the day, Christiane finally got the hooks into a real giant and managed to land one of 5.5 pounds. This was a great way to end her season as the last time she was out was in August. Way too long!! Several photos of the live well fish and we were off for the day. All in all about 25 bass were caught in about a five hour period. Not the best day, but a great one nevertheless!!