Once again I fished with John today, but had to opt for the St-Lawrence River because of the high winds forecasted for this area. They were gusting at over 30 knots throughout most of the afternoon and even on the river we had whitecaps! Any other body of water would have had us looking for sheltered areas in order to fish. The air temps reached almost 80 degrees and the water temps were 69 to 70 degrees in most areas. Sunshine and occasional clouds greeted us for the entire day and except for the wind, it was perfect. Unfortunately, the fishing wasn’t perfect! This was to be the day of the lost & missed fish as over 75% of the smallies were never landed. On John’s first cast with a spinnerbait, he had an aerial display from a 4 to 5 pound smallie that lasted until the second leap. A short while later, another huge bass did the exact same thing and came unpinned after the second or third jump as well. We moved around plenty on this day but only managed to pick a fish here & there with no real concentrations found anywhere. Several fish were either following our offerings or just nipping at them, but never really committing to the hooks. This was real frustrating as many of them were quality fish! We stuck it out as long as we could and decided to call it quits around 5:00 PM when we had seen just about enough. At the end of the day there were about 10 or 12 fish caught, but many more lost or just seen following! A tough day to say the least. I’m beginning to hate full moons!! No pics today, but here’s a few from last season.