Today, I had the pleasure of fishing with a honeymoon couple from Maryland. Megan & Steven tied the knot this past weekend and joined me in Mississquoi Bay for smallmouth bass. Not since my own marriage had I ever come across a couple that loved to fish as much as we do. Congratulations are definitely in order for these newlyweds! The first half hour of the morning was a little slow as they threw spinnerbaits without any success. I slowed down the presentation with texas-rigged tubes and they began to hook up with regularity. The water conditions were poor with low levels and stained visibility. The temps were in the upper 50’s and the air wasn’t much warmer. Winds were once again from the N/NE at 10 to 20 knots and the skies were overcast, all day long. After several hours of battling the waves and the wind, the water became too dirty to fish effectively. I decided that relocation was in order and looked for cleaner water nearby. A slightly deeper flat provided us with the conditions I was searching for and it didn’t take long before the first bass came aboard. Steven had his work cut out for him, as his better half dominated the morning. Fortunately, there were plenty of bass throughout this area to provide action all around. If numbers were what they were looking for, they definitely had that! We lost count, but I am sure there were at least 50 or 60 bass caught & released up to about 4 pounds. Megan may have caught more, but the largest had to go to Steven as he redeemed himself during the second half of the day. They will have plenty of memories & stories to tell about how they spent their honeymoon in the years to come. I wish them all the best in their marriage and hope that this passion never ends!