Today was quite a day of fishing as an additional three boats aided me with the 8 clients from Colorado. Marc, Brian & Benji were really helpful as they provided a great day of fishing for all those willing to brave this miserable, misty outing. When this many fishermen get together you can rest assure that there will be some sort of side betting going on! The competition was for; first fish, most fish, largest bass and largest pike! I think that my boat with Kevin & Shawn got the first fish award as they landed a bass within their first three casts. Brian’s group, Dan & Bob managed to receive top honors in the pike category with one over 8 and another over 9 pounds. Marc’s guys, Rex & Doug picked up the other two with the most fish & largest bass awards. They landed about 30 bass and had a couple just under 4 pounds to their credit! Benji’s gang, Mike & Chad didn’t receive any of the glory, but still managed to catch around 20 bass. I would estimate that there was close to 100 bass caught on this cool, rainy day. All I can say is thank god for rain suits! With the air temps below 60 degrees and the water temperatures closer to 57, the bite was rather bizarre. Spinnerbaits didn’t seem to work as well in the morning as they did in the afternoon. Tubes and spider grubs definitely were a better choice, as most of these fish weren’t all that active in the earlier hours of the day. The flat calm conditions made for comfortable riding, but I would have liked a little wind for the fishing. All in all, a great day considering how miserable “Mother Nature” was to these 8 guys from the “Power Motive Corporation” in Denver, Colorado.