Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Scott & Manson from Ontario. We decided that big fish would be the choice over a numbers day and headed to lake St-Francis for smallmouth bass. Apparently, it was the right choice as both of them landed the largest smallies of their lives, several times over. With all the rain we had been having lately, the water levels had rose and discolored considerably. This was going to make the presentations more difficult! A heavy, misty rain and fog was what we began our day in and only a few periods in the afternoon had it subside to just a haze. To say the visibility wasn’t too good would have been an understatement! We had another day with very similar conditions to yesterday, no wind, but a bit warmer. The air temperatures were in the mid 60’s but very humid and the water temps were close to 60. Scott dominated the first half of the day, as every fish he landed seemed to be in the 4-pound or better class. His largest went a whopping 5.6 pounds! Manson seemed to redeem himself right at the end of the day as he scored several fish over four pounds in a very short time, just before we were ready to leave. They probably had opportunities at over ten fish in just the last hour that bumped up the numbers before days end! Fortunately, they landed more than they lost! All in all, I would estimate that there were close to 20 huge smallies landed and many others missed on this “Big Fish Day”.