After a few cancellations due to foul weather, I was back on the water today with Jay. We were looking for big fish only and knew that they would be hard to come by! The weather called for cloudy condition with sunny periods throughout the day, but all we got were the clouds. Air temps were in the low 40’s and the water temps were in the upper 40’s. Light & variable winds were a welcome with temperatures like these. The fish were a little slow in coming, but every one was big! Jay hooked the first one of about 3.5 pounds and I told him that it was below average. Eventually he caught some over 4 and I informed him that was more the norm for this area. We didn’t catch anything that was over 5 pounds but had several that were between 4.5 and 5 pounds. Plenty of others were missed and lost that were larger, but that’s always the way when you’re on big fish. We did have a slow period during the afternoon but that eventually changed as the day neared the end. Jay caught a few more large fish in the last hour that made up for the dead period we had earlier. All in all a good day with around 20 smallmouth bass caught & released.