Alex & his three daughters joined me this afternoon for about 6 hours on Lake St-Louis. The weather was spectacular as we had sunny skies and temps upwards of 90 degrees. Water temps were over 75 degrees and the winds were light from the S/SW under 10 knots. It didn’t take too long for Erin too hook into the first smallmouth on a tiny crankbait. Unfortunately, the bite wasn’t fast & furious for the balance of the day, as we were soon to find out. There were several larger bass that came up for a look many times, but apparently didn’t like what they were seeing and disappeared back to the depths. Alex managed to get into a few on tube baits, but Erin had the hot hand today. She landed more than anyone with at least 4 fish on a couple of rods. She seemed to hook a fish on any rod she picked up. Even during a bad tangle of lines at the boat she still got the hooks into a bass that was staring down the crankbait on the surface. We covered plenty of water on a series of shoals, but managed to move only about a dozen fish. Lots of boat traffic and beautiful temperatures made for a tougher day than expected. With the Quebec holiday period in full bloom right now, everyone is taking advantage of this fantastic weather as well.